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“The Arts of the Book & Calligraphy in Iran”

Author: Gholamreza Rahpeyma

Publisher: Library, Museum and Documentation center of Islamic Consultive Assembly. Iran- Tehran (2015)

This book considers the arts of the book (calligraphy, miniature painting, illumination, bookbinding and etc.) at the royal courts of Greater Iran and other Islamic region from the seventh through eighteenth centuries.

The text is organized in sixteen major parts:
Chapter 1: Calligraphy Tools & Materials
The introduction of calligraphy fundamental tools includes: pen, ink, paper and etc.
Chapter 2: Ink
The explanation of different ancient Inks, and how to make.
Chapter 3: Pen Box (Qalamdan)
The introduction of Qalamdan history and Explaining of different kinds of Pen Box (i.e. engraved silver, varnished papier mâché)
Chapter 4: Paper
The presentation of paper history, Explain and discuss of variant handmade papers in Iran and papermaking.
Chapter 5: Colored Papers
The introduction and explanation variant of national pigment used in Colored paper and dyed Techniques.
Chapter 6: Marbled Papers
The history of Marbling, and Introduction of different Patterns and Techniques.
Chapter 7: Coated Papers
The introduction and explain of variant Coated Paper, tools and Techniques. (* Before a piece of paper is used for calligraphy, it is usually dyed, then coated with a starch mixture is known as “ahar”)
Chapter 8: Book Sizes
The introduction and explain of variant book sizes and types in civilization of Iran.
Chapter 9: Papercutting (Qit’a)
The introduction and explain types and variation of papercutting in Persian calligraphy, illumination and Bookbinding.
Chapter 10: Gold leaf Uses
The introduction and explain variant Gold leaf, tools and Techniques.
Chapter 11: Association Calligraphy and Illumination
Explaining and discussing about Association Calligraphy and illumination in Arts of
• Chapter 12: Passe-Partout (framing)
The introduction and explain variant tabulating and Passe-Partout.
Chapter 13: Bookbinding
The introduction and explain the Persian art of Bookbinding.
Chapter 14: Principle of Persian Calligraphy
The introduction of history of Islamic and Persian calligraphy, and explain core skills and major factor in Persian Calligraphy.
Chapter 15: Conservation and Restoration of Manuscripts and Documents
The introduction of deterioration Agents (i.e. Inherent vice, Pests, Environmental conditions, Handling), Proper storage methods and restoration techniques.
Chapter 16: Vocabulary
The presentation of major terms relating to calligraphy and Arts of Book.

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The Arts of the Book & Calligraphy in Iran
Author: Gholamreza Rahpeyma
Publisher : Library, Museum and Documentation center of Islamic Consultive Assembly.
Iran- Tehran (2014)